Officers and Legislators Gather to Support Enforcement Efforts

Columbia, SC – Law enforcement officers gathered at the Statehouse today to kickoff the Zero Tolerance for Litter Campaign. This month-long campaign focuses on South Carolina’s litter laws, bringing officers together to enforce litter laws and other code violations and educate citizens on the dangers of litter. Governor Nikki Haley issued a proclamation in support of Zero Tolerance for Litter.

“While state and local litter laws are in effect every day, this campaign brings officers on all levels of government together to focus on these laws,” said Dir. Jamie Nelson, Spartanburg County Environmental Enforcement. “This event also provides for awareness building activities as well to educate citizens on the effects litter has on all levels of our communities, from roadways dangers to community breakdown.”

Speakers at the event were Linda Shadel, Director of Operations for PalmettoPride; Senator David L. Thomas, Founder of PalmettoPride; Director Jamie Nelson, Spartanburg County Environmental Enforcement; Captain Chris Cowan, Richland County Sheriff’s Department; and Corporal Greg Gaskins, SC State Transport Police.

Senator Thomas and Corporal Gaskins stressed the importance of enforcement efforts in changing the behavior that causes litter. Law enforcement officers on every level have a role to play in litter reduction. Litter poses a threat to roadway safety and quality of life issues in our communities

“When “gateway crimes” such as litter, graffiti, vandalism and overgrown lots accumulate, it can lead to community breakdown,” said Capt. Cowan

Zero Tolerance for Litter will take place throughout the month of April. Officers across the state have planned various activities to educate citizens on the effects of litter and plan to ticket for litter violations.

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