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Litter Trashes Everyone Grant

The PalmettoPride Litter Trashes Everyone (formerly Challenge for the Environment) grant is designed to get South Carolina students involved in activities that will educate them and their communities about the importance of keeping their state clean and attractive, while promoting in the next generation a sense of pride in the community.  Successful projects will be designed to refurbish the environment and change the attitudes of those who do not value a clean and beautiful environment.


Click on the icon to download the application:  Available Aug. 1 – Sept. 15






Eligible Applicants

Any accredited elementary, middle and high school  in South Carolina. There are two ways a school may apply for a grant:

      • The school, as a whole
      • A school club/organization or national service program


Levels of Funding

Grant awards may range up to up to $5,000.  Eligible grant activities may include any combination of the following projects:

Beautification – Up to $2,500.00, 1 per school

Strengthen school pride by creating beautiful green spaces!  Some project examples include:

Carolina Fence™ Gardens  – is a simple landscaping program that incorporates both natural and cultural elements that are symbols of our state.

Schoolyard Habitats® - create learning sites for wildlife conservation and cross-curricular learning.

Rain Gardens - teach about water quality, habitat creation and the impact of student actions on protecting our natural resources.

 Recycling – Up to $2,500.00, 1 per school

Keep your campus clean!  Some project examples include:

Schoolwide Recycling- establish school-wide recycling.

Recycling Troopers Program  is a recycling program that teaches students responsibility for their school and the environment.

Items not covered by grant:

  • Salary/Stipends
  • Field trips


Grant Guidelines

  • Must include the PalmettoPride and Department of Education K-12 Litter Curriculum as part of their lesson plans during the grant period.
  • Participate in the Great American Cleanup
  • Must submit cleanup results online by June 1
  • Must submit an Expenditure and Final report by June 1


For more information please contact our Grants Manager, Sherryl Jenkins.

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