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PalmettoPride sponsors a 24-hour, statewide Litter Busters Hotline, so you can report litterbugs anytime. The program, made possible thanks to the cooperation of the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Public Safety, works like this: You spot someone tossing litter from an automobile. You immediately call… 877-7LITTER (754-8837)   ...and report the location, time and the litterbug’s license number. If the line is busy, you can also report a violation via our Trash Tracker App or directly from our website using the form below. The litterbug will receive a letter from the Department of Public Safety informing him or her that they can’t get away with littering in South Carolina. The letter will explain that if a law enforcement officer had witnessed the littering, it could have resulted in a serious fine or even jail time. If you prefer, simply write down the information and submit using the form below. ALL FIELDS MUST BE FILLED OUT IN ORDER FOR YOUR FORM TO BE SUBMITTED  

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