Litter Enforcement Programs


Organized in 1987, the South Carolina Litter Control Association (SCLCA) promotes litter
enforcement, protects the environment and helps to heighten public awareness of the problems
associated with litter. PalmettoPride works in partnership with the SCLCA to improve litter control
enforcement practices across the state, co-host training opportunities and coordinate other special


PalmettoPride, in partnership with SCLCA, promotes a “Zero Tolerance for Litter” campaign every April. This month-long campaign brings together officers, elected officials and concerned citizens dual-purpose mission to enforcement state and local litter laws and to educate the public on the
effects of litter in our state.

Officers can now fill out their reports online.  Zero Tolerance Report Form


Learn to create spaces that deter crime through PalmettoPride’s Crime Prevention Through
Environmental Design (CPTED) course. PalmettoPride offers a variety of options, from an
introductory one-hour course on key CPTED concepts up to a detailed two-day intensive training.
Our CPTED-certified instructors convey strategies in an interesting, interactive program. Course
topics include Elements of Landscape Design, Lighting for Safety, Walkable Neighborhoods, Traffic
Calming, Wayfinding, Safe Universal Design, and Public Art Programs as well as hands-on practical
exercise. More information can be found here.


PalmettoPride’s Enforcement Committee includes law enforcement and code officers from around
the state including Sheriff’s Departments, Police Departments, Litter Control, Highway Patrol and
Public Safety officers to advise our organization on litter enforcement activities, needs, important
legislative needs and many other important aspects to improve the quality of litter control practices in
the state.


PalmettoPride offers different types of surveillance equipment, which enforcement agencies may
borrow. With these cameras, enforcement officers have the tools necessary to keep an eye on
“hotspots” in their jurisdiction. Borrowing agencies are required to send in report forms detailing the
use of the cameras on litter cases. Contact Scott Morgan at PalmettoPride for more information on
the program or any of the camera systems offered.


PalmettoPride consults with state and local governments and law enforcement agencies on creating
community service programs that best fit the needs of the communities. Community service can
come from several key areas including Magistrate Courts, Circuit Courts and Diversion programs.
We have worked with several Circuit Court Judges on Assign-Highway is a litter pickup program
involving the Circuit Courts, Probation and Parole and Litter Enforcement resulting in ongoing,
roadside litter removal. Counties across the state are beginning to expand the use of Community
Service options to clean up litter along the roadways.


Assign-Highway is a litter pickup program involving the Circuit Courts, Probation and Parole and Litter Enforcement resulting in ongoing, free roadside litter removal. Similar to community service , it utilizes probationers assigned to pick up litter as a condition of their probation. To download the full program description and instructions, click here.