Since 1988, Adopt-A-Highway volunteers have been cleaning up litter along South Carolina highways. PalmettoPride is excited to bring Adopt-A-Highway into our Pickup program. Adopt-A-Highway fits into our mission of eradicating litter and promoting beautification in our great state.

Litter has been reduced by 62% over the past ten years.

South Carolina has beautiful landscapes – from the lush green mountains to the coastal waterways. Our communities are surrounded by lakes, rivers, mountains, farmlands, national forests and state parks. We live here, work here and play here.

Litter has been reduced by 62% over the past ten years. Unfortunately, though, there are still people who insist on littering. Our state and local governments do not have the resources available to clean up the litter on our roadways. Our wonderful volunteers are invaluable to keeping our state clean. Clean communities are safe communities. Clean communities are good for tourism and economic development. Clean communities are a source of pride for all of us who call South Carolina home.

We look forward to making your experience with Adopt-A-Highway worthwhile and fun!

Get started:

Adopt-A-Highway Guidelines
Adopt-a-Highway One Time Pick Up Guidelines
Adopt-A-Highway One Time Cleanup Form
PalmettoPride Community Cleanup

Safety Guidelines
Adopt-A-Highway Agreement Form
County Coordinator Contact List

Adopt-a-Highway Report Form (pdf) Please print and return form to Mallory Biering.

To speak to the Adopt-A-Highway statewide manager, please call 1-877-725-7733 or email Mallory Biering.